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Continuing Professional Development

Every professional body has a wholehearted commitment to the ongoing development of knowledge and skills, covering the spectrum, from accountants to spray operators. The same is true for farm administrators and bookkeepers working in the rural economy. IAgSA’s Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programme enables the professional and personal development of our members. IAgSA strongly advocates CPD for all Members and Associates each year. You’ll find it an enormous help in your career within our fast-changing sector.

How it works – and your journey

We know you are busy, so we’ve made our CPD programme very straightforward, time-efficient and flexible to include a wide range of training, events and online learning. CPD works on a points basis – as explained in our CPD Grading & Guidance Document. Simply complete your Skills Checklist and identify skills you’d like to acquire or improve. These will then appear automatically in your CPD Plan as goals for the year ahead – with suggestions on how to achieve them. Simply following these steps earns you 5 points. Points can be earned in a variety of ways, from attending events to completing training and self-learning. You can record all your points in your My CPD record. To review the number of points allocated to events please click here.

Need more help?

Read Rachel’s story which is ideal for new members, see our CPD Grading & Guidance Document to CPD for fuller details or contact us if you have any questions.

The importance of CPD in an ever-changing industry

Elizabeth Roe was an IAgSA member who was renowned for her ultimate professionalism as a farm administrator. Her local IAgSA branch set up the Elizabeth Roe Challenge Trophy in her memory in 2001 after she passed away. Today, the award recognises and celebrates the professionalism and dedication that Elizabeth held dear. The trophy is awarded annually to IAgSA members with CPD submissions that show a high standard of work and strong professional development.

How did the Elizabeth Roe Continual Professional Development Award come to be?

Elizabeth Roe joined IAgSA in 1971 and the West Sussex and Surrey Branch. She was the only Surrey member at the time. Elizabeth started her career by studying a Farm Secretarial course at Studley College in Warwickshire. From there, she went to work for the Farm Secretarial Service in Wiltshire. When the Farm Secretarial Service closed, she kept her farming clients for the rest of her working life. She was renowned for her ultimate professionalism throughout her career and her dedication to continually developing her skills base. This all became apparent when she won the Farm Secretary of the Year in 1986, organised by IAgSA and sponsored by Midland Bank Plc in association with Farmers Weekly. Elizabeth was Branch Chairman of the West Sussex and Surrey branch a number of times and – after winning her award in 1986 – she joined as an IAgSA Council Member and served as Vice Chairman from 1989-1991. The West Sussex and Surrey branch set up the Elizabeth Roe Challenge Trophy in 2001 after Elizabeth sadly passed away. The Elizabeth Roe Challenge Trophy competition was an essay with a given subject/title and CPD points would be given to all who took part. The trophy then moved on as an award for branch members who showed a high level of professionalism within their work. Today, the award is directly related to Continuing Professional Development as a tribute to Elizabeth and to recognise true professionals and dedicated persons in an industry that Elizabeth was so passionate about. IAgSA members who feel their CPD submission shows a high standard of work and strong professional development can put themselves forward for the award prior to submitting their CPD. See the nominees and award winners for 2019

Elizabeth Roe CPD Winners

2019-20 Elizabeth Roe Continual Professional Development Award 

Mellissa Flatt from Suffolk was the winner of the 2019-20 Elizabeth Roe Continual Professional Development Award and the Runner Up was Lindsey Walton from Norfolk.

2019-20 Continual Professional Development (CPD) Newcomer Award

Georgina Thornton from Suffolk was awarded the 2019-20 CPD Newcomer Award.