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If you are a farm administrator or a bookkeeper working in the UK rural economy, then IAgSA is your natural home. We are your professional organisation with a mission to help you to be successful. The same is true if you are a rural business administrator, farm secretary, accountant, land agent, estate administrator, graduate or part of a farming business and you want to work within the administration side of farming. We can help you to develop your skills, knowledge and capabilities. IAgSA is recognised and respected across the UK farming sector. Membership can enhance your professional reputation and open doors to new and valuable networking opportunities. Members complete CPD each year as a requirement of their membership. IAgSA membership gives you a wide range of benefits from access to the latest industry information and resources, through to training, events, jobs and discounts.

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Benefits of Membership

Becoming an IAgSA member will put you at the heart of the farming administration industry and enable you to take advantage of a wealth of benefits.

We will keep you in the picture

It is vital to know about any important changes within our industry that will affect your role. This might save money for your employer, protect their interests, keep you compliant and open up new opportunities. We will keep you updated with our monthly technical bulletins, via our Members’ Library of resources, and through other regular communications, events and branch links.

We can help you succeed

We understand the daily tasks and challenges you face, so our Farm Accounting and Rural Business Administration Training Programme, and Continuing Professional Development programme are designed specifically for you so you can grow your knowledge and thrive. IAgSA members also get priority when training places are limited.

You can make new contacts, colleagues and friends

As an IAgSA member, you will become part of our valued community of farm administrators, bookkeepers, rural business administrators, farm secretaries, accountants, land agents, estate administrators and others. You can network with your peers and others via our local branch/area networks and our National Conference.

There is always someone you can ask …

Working as a farm administrator or bookkeeper may mean you are working alone for much of the time. As an IAgSA member, you do not need to feel isolated. Our online Members’ Forum and closed Facebook Group are great ways to reach out to others with questions or to offer any advice you can share. Do not forget, you can always contact us too as we are here to serve our members.

We help new Members find their feet

Setting out on a career as a farm administrator or bookkeeper can sometimes be challenging when you get your first clients and progress with training. The IAgSA Member Support Package provides friendly encouragement and expert advice during your first year of work and study.

You can find jobs

We advertise an increasing number of full-time, part-time or freelance positions across the industry to our members. You can also publicise your services in our Membership Directory, which has options to keep your profile private or public.

You can get special discounts

As a professional organisation, we are often able to source products and services at a discount for our members. Currently, this includes bespoke professional indemnity insurance, anti-money laundering supervision licences, and farming software.

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Finding the membership that is right for you

We offer a range of membership options, whether you are an experienced farm administrator or bookkeeper, just joining the sector or already work in a closely-related role, such as an accountant, land agent or estate administrator. IAgSA will support you at every level.
IAgSA are committed to maintaining standards of Membership. To this end when you apply for Membership, your application will be graded by our Membership Panel to determine the best level of membership suited to your requirements and stage in your career. 


Subscription to the monthly bulletin is ideal if you simply want to keep up to date with news in the bookkeeping and farming sectors by subscribing to our monthly bulletin. Subscriber status does not give you as many benefits as Associate or Full Membership. But it might be adequate if you are not planning to follow a career as a farm administrator or bookkeeper. Subscription to IAgSA costs £45 per year. To download an application form please click here.

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Full Member

This is ideal is you are fully qualified and/or experienced in farm business administration and bookkeeping, whether you are working for a farm, agricultural business, accountancy practice, land agency, estate or as a self-employed professional. We will support you in your day-to-day work, keep you updated on key industry changes, help you to develop your expertise, and enable you to network effectively. Full Membership costs £70 per year.

Student/Associate Member

If you are hoping to develop your career as a farm administrator or bookkeeper working in the UK rural economy, then this option is right for you. You may be a graduate, farm secretary (employed or self-employed), or estate administrator. Alternatively, you may be an accountant or land agent looking to gain farming knowledge and industry-specific bookkeeping skills. We also advocate the completion of Continuing Professional Development if you want to progress to becoming a Full Member. Associate Membership costs £70 per year Student Membership costs £45 per year.

Group Membership

Group Membership is available to businesses that employ farm secretaries to undertake work for the business or its clients. Find out more about the benefits and requirements for this type of membership.

Corporate Membership

To find out more about Corporate Membership please see our Corporate Membership page.

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