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The IAgSA Payroll Distance Learning Training Course

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  1. Rowan Hill (verified owner)

    I recommend the Sum-It Payroll Training Course. As a refresher or for a novice, its a useful grounding. You get posted an information book to work through (and CD to show examples), you are tested at each stage, there’s human support when you just can’t fathom something; and you end up with full reference material to check against in your work place. It isn’t biased to Sum-It, it covers payroll. I’m really pleased I did it; much more confident going forward.

  2. Caroline Campbell (verified owner)

    I had not done payroll for some years so did the Sum-it Payroll Training Course as a refresher and to bring myself up to date with changes in payroll legislation. I found the course very user friendly and the support was excellent. I achieved what I had aimed for by completing the course and felt able to work confidently with payroll again.

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