Farm Office Handbook – 2nd Edition


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Bridging the agricultural resource gap, the Institute of Agricultural Secretaries and Administrators (IAgSA) have produced the Farm Office Handbook for farm administrators in the 21st century.

Patron of IAgSA and past Minister for Agriculture and Food, Jim Paice; “This handbook should serve as a practical resource, a checklist to ensure farm businesses keep good records from financial to those that show their compliance with statutory regulations. It is also an important reference tool for those starting out as a farm/rural administrator, and those who have been in the business for some time.”

It has been some thirty five years since the first ‘Farm Office’ Handbook was published back in 1976. In this time the agricultural industry has seen and faced some immense changes and the role of the farm administrator has become ever increasingly important to the success of the farm business.

Changes within the accounting and information technology sector have seen the development of farm accounting software and online processing for Tax Returns, Payroll and soon to be VAT. Changes within individual agricultural sectors, like that of arable and livestock have seen a continual influx of regulations and compliance required. All of these changes have a direct impact on the thousands of professional farm administrators and farming families who work on a daily a basis to serve the 60,000 registered holdings across England.

The IAgSA Farm Office Handbook has been written by industry practitioners, with a diverse range of experience and a common sense approach, and undoubtedly will become the new bible for anyone involved in farm administration.

Tim Cartwright Farm Office Handbook contributor…“We would like to think that the IAgSA Farm Office Handbook will be an invaluable reference book for practising farm administrators but serve to assist professional bodies working within the industry, agricultural colleges and individuals just starting their career in farm business administration.”


WHAT WILL YOU FIND IN YOUR FARM OFFICE HAND BOOK? This book offers a comprehensive practical guidance to those involved in farm administration, from the farming families looking for a modern approach to tackling farm paperwork to those seeking career development in farm administration, topic’s include:
  • Farm office basics from equipment to ‘Doing it Online’
  • Setting up accounting systems
  • Computerising a manual accounting system
  • VAT and Payroll for small rural businesses
  • Year-end procedures with useful check list
  • Management Reporting and Budgeting with useful templates
  • Statutory and assurance records
  • Useful websites for legislative updates and other important information.
  • Contacts and online resources for rural businesses