How do I join a Branch?

In order to view all branches visit the branches page and then request membership, this request will go directly to the branch secretary so may not be approved immediately. If your request has not been approved you can contact the Branch secretary directly or National.

How do I access my Branch Page

You can access your branch page through your profile page, from here you will be able to view branch events, contact details and any other branch related activities.



Members Directory

Can I choose what details to make public and private?

You have control of what details you share with other members of IAgSA, in order to view your settings, visit 'My Profile' you will see an option next to each name from here you can select if private, members directory or available to the public. Once you have made any changes remember to save or they will not show.

How do I update my membership profile?


How can I pay for my membership?

Payment can be accepted using the following methods: Direct Debit Credit/Debit Card Cheque Online Bank Transfer If you would like to check your existing payment method please contact

I have applied to join, how long does it take to be processed?

This can vary but as a rule we aim to get back to all applications within one week of applying  

Which is the correct Membership for me?

For more information on our membership levels please visit our member section. If you have any further questions please contact National at


National Forum

How do I contribute to Forums?

There are a number of forums setup for you to join and contribute to the discussion.  Each branch has it's own forum for more specific discussions.  If you would like a new topic setting up please contact who would be able to assist.

Online Shop

How can I purchase from the shop?

Should you wish to purchase one of the items on offer you can do so within the IAgSA store, you do not need to create an account to use this service but can use your IAgSA member logins. Please note we only accept credit/debit card payments.


How can I post a new job vacancy?

You can post a job vacancy within our positions wanted section, this is a chargeable service which you purchase here

Training & Events

How can I pay for an event?

You can pay for an event using the following methods: Credit/Debit Card Invoice When booking onto an event you will be provided with these options through the registration process.


Your Account

What is ‘My Office’?

This is your own private storage space where you can store previous CPD, certificates and training attendance reports, this is all stored safely in one place so you know where to access it when you need it!